Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Truths

She treats me like a sister ,
She text me when she feels down 
She text me when she needs somebody to talk
She share her problems with me
And she is my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend
Coz they broke up recently
She ask for my help to text that guy bcoz he never reply her
And I do it 
But the guy don't reply me
Its okay 
But today I saw him on FB 
So I tried to chat with him and ask bout their relationship
He got reply but then he gone
After few hours , he text me
And I ask him again
Then he say he don't know
But after that he say that he still can't forget me even we had broken up more than a year
And I ask him am I the reason that they broke up?
He say yes bcoz he still love me
Get shocked
I feel so sorry to the girl
But what can I do?
I don't want the girl to mad at me
And I don't want her to be sad
So then I ask the guy to explain to the girl with other reason
He say he can do anything for me
Did I do anything wrong?
How can I make that guy to forget me?
Just an answer that I need

1st Truth - He still love me
2nd Truth - I am the reason that they break up

What should I do now?

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