Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yeah we had a good time yesterday
But I know something is going to happen 
Yeah Im right 
Its happening right now
I hate this feeling , U know that
I hate U like this , U know that 
I am mad with U ,
Every time , with the same reason
Want to find yourself back ?
Maybe I can say FUCK U this time 
I know its bad but I already boring with this reason
U always thinking of yourself
U don't care of my feeling 
Yeah man I am doing everything to fulfill your demandssssssss
Including letting U go 
Can U please do something for me?
I hate U 
I hate everything about U 
Why do I love U ?
U are not that good
U don't want me to cry but U always make me cry
K fine , this time I think Im really going to leave U even I can't
Coz I feel that I make U lost yourself
U don't know my feeling
Please don't put all the blame on me
Im ...
Still loving U while Im writting this ,
But I will make it not one day
We have no more one day 
Everything just end like a dream
We were just a dream !

Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Hey U ,
I miss u so much
Even u are texting with me everyday
Please don't push me to him
I like U
I want U
I don't like him
I don't want him
I know my feeling
I know it
Don't u feel sad to push me away to be his girlfriend?
I know even u are sad ,
U will do the same too
Bcoz u think he is better than u
No , I don't think so
U grow me up a lot ,
U make my mind more matured
U make me stronger
I love U
Dear , I really miss u so much  

Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Truths

She treats me like a sister ,
She text me when she feels down 
She text me when she needs somebody to talk
She share her problems with me
And she is my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend
Coz they broke up recently
She ask for my help to text that guy bcoz he never reply her
And I do it 
But the guy don't reply me
Its okay 
But today I saw him on FB 
So I tried to chat with him and ask bout their relationship
He got reply but then he gone
After few hours , he text me
And I ask him again
Then he say he don't know
But after that he say that he still can't forget me even we had broken up more than a year
And I ask him am I the reason that they broke up?
He say yes bcoz he still love me
Get shocked
I feel so sorry to the girl
But what can I do?
I don't want the girl to mad at me
And I don't want her to be sad
So then I ask the guy to explain to the girl with other reason
He say he can do anything for me
Did I do anything wrong?
How can I make that guy to forget me?
Just an answer that I need

1st Truth - He still love me
2nd Truth - I am the reason that they break up

What should I do now?

Friday, November 18, 2011

























Friday, September 23, 2011














---My life won't be 100% without U---

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We both are not in mood today
I dnt know why
I just want to be ALONE now
But I need u
Thats my feeling
Can u know that?

Sometimes i just like to--
Walking alone 
Sitting alone
Go somewhere alone
Doing something alone

Thats me when I am not in mood
I want to go to the beach
To feel the sea breeze
To feel the wind
That can make me better
But now----------
All I need is you