Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yeah we had a good time yesterday
But I know something is going to happen 
Yeah Im right 
Its happening right now
I hate this feeling , U know that
I hate U like this , U know that 
I am mad with U ,
Every time , with the same reason
Want to find yourself back ?
Maybe I can say FUCK U this time 
I know its bad but I already boring with this reason
U always thinking of yourself
U don't care of my feeling 
Yeah man I am doing everything to fulfill your demandssssssss
Including letting U go 
Can U please do something for me?
I hate U 
I hate everything about U 
Why do I love U ?
U are not that good
U don't want me to cry but U always make me cry
K fine , this time I think Im really going to leave U even I can't
Coz I feel that I make U lost yourself
U don't know my feeling
Please don't put all the blame on me
Im ...
Still loving U while Im writting this ,
But I will make it not one day
We have no more one day 
Everything just end like a dream
We were just a dream !

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